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Alvin and Rani are serial entrepreneurs with a passion of creating the perfect travel experience. With hundreds of 5 star bookings under their belt, they strive to provide the perfect trip for their guests.

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Infinite Sky

American families are increasingly turning to a “home away from home experience” rather than a hotel stay when traveling on vacation. The recent global health crisis also highlighted the benefits of a travel with a private home environment instead of the crowded lobbies and elevators of traditional hotels. Our mission is to make our customers experience a new place without sacrificing the comforts of their own home. Each of our homes are meticulously prepared with the travelers needs in mind. 


Infinite Lands

Tired of renting the same boring cars from the big rental companies on your travels? Whether you are jet setting for business or pleasure, get great value with our deluxe fleet and travel in style!
Need a car for the weekend or to get around when your car is in the shop? 
We have a great delivery program for local renters here in Reno/Sparks that will bring the car right to your car. 

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